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Solar Energy Is an Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient Power Source

Load shedding has become part of our lives in South Africa. Government and Large corporate are asking SA Citizens to start applying Solar energy to their homes and businesses to ensure the sustained continuity of power, to effectively keep the lights on.

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1. Commercial Solar

Robust and long-lasting commercial, industrial and utility-scale solar projects

2. Residential Solar

Fit for purpose solar panels, inverters and batteries that cater to your home power consumption

3. Estate/ Complex Solar

Large scale supply of reliable solar power systems that eliminate loadshedding in residential estates

4. Business Solar

Sustainable, reliable solar solutions for businesses, that run multiple stations at peak operating hours and operation is critical to bottom line

Why Choose Us

Only “fit for purpose solutions” are provided. Our service, workmanship and after installation support are key success factors!

Qualified Expert

Only qualified Electricians install solar projects

Flexible Schedule

We accommodate installation times as best possible. Bookings are recorded and confirmed in advance

Workmanship Quality

Quality is controlled and checked at every point during the installation process. COC certificates provided on installations.

Affordable Package

We provide you the most affordable options. We are budget friendly!

Quality Professionals

We are reliable and professional in service and installation

Special Offer

Keep you eyes on our website for our listed special offers

Here’s What Our Client Said about Us

“Hi Alan. I just want to thank u again for seeing to it that we have solar power. It is a wonderful life-altering factor and my favourite material possession. Keep well 🙂”

Irene Roper

Home Owner

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